Notable Groups of the Taer

Notable Groups of the Taer

The notable groups of the Taer are presented below. This is the public information available about these groups, it may or may not be true.

Openly practicing magic in the lands of the Unified Churches is actively discouraged. Nevertheless there is a secret society that promotes the use of magic. The equality does not advertise and its members are elusive. Finding and joining the equality is for some a lifelong goal. Ever since the Cataclysm the Equality has become more public and open in their goals.

  • The Crimson Believers

Worshippers of the dark lord of plague, this society is spoken of in whispers. Claiming membership in every city, the Believers excel in terror and hiding in the shadows.

Every city has a black market, and this market is full of merchants who are the public face of the Night Brokers. The Night Brokers are “distributors” of previously used merchandise. The Night Brokers are semi-secretive, and their recruiting methods are not publicly known.

To combat the growing influence of the Orcs in the East, the Holy Father Campanius III called for all who could to take up the circle and defend the Holy Lands. It was from this spark that the flame grew, and the Order of the Red Circle, warrior monks who have sworn to defend and aid the pilgrims to the holy lands, was born. Centered in Kudis, central city of the Holy Lands, these monks are the last holdouts to the hordes of Orcs who inhabit the area.

Not content with the Naultian leadership of the Red Circle, about fifty years after the establishment of the order, the Branschlanders formed their own conclave. Dedicated to the veneration of the holy mother of flame, Valane, the Black Circle Knights, as they commonly known, have grown from an order of monks who cared for the sick and poor, into a military order now responsible for southern territories on the Ostsee.

  • Children of the Gods

The Crusades produced many orders dedicated to preservation of the Unified Churches. Unfortunately it also spawned a troubling Heresy. The Children of the Gods believe they are blood descendants of the Gods. This attitude is generally seen as heretical, as their are few recognized children of the major pantheon. This group is especially persecuted in the Mer-lands as the Merfolk only officially recognize Josan as trueborn of the gods.

Notable Groups of the Taer

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