Merfolk and the Taer

“Up from the depths shall I go,
"To the land where menfolk walk free,
"Dwarven forging I shall know,
"As well as Elves and their tree,

“I shall sing a song for the sea,
"Though happy I walk on land,
"Salt and wave will call me,
“back to water and fin for hand…” — The Selk Song

In the depths of the Taer’s oceans are the Merfolk. In the depths their coral kingdoms rise from the floor of the oceans. Leagues and leagues of ocean are their kingdoms, and few outsiders venture past the shallows. All is not idyllic under the ocean waves though. Evil lurks in dark marine caves, and the deeps are home to the most hideous of the Taer’s creatures. For the adventurous Merfolk, the surface holds the promise of untold adventure, and peril. But for a world that is three-quarters water, it holds that the merfolk would be one of its prime races. As merfolk consider themselves to be firstborn amongst all races, after all they are heirs to the most territory of all of the Taer.


Josan was the first, so the songs say. He awoke in the rush of water that was the beginning, and he swam through the rush to the temple of coral. There he sang to the waters, and came Sanyayi, the first of the consorts. There in the temple under the gaze of the sealord they mated. Sanyayi bore Josan the Kalimay, the Singers of the first seas. Beautiful were they, part dolphin and part man did they look like. Sirens and Hunters were they, and they built the great kingdom. But Sanyayi’s fate was to be devoured by the kraken, the demon lord who now sleeps in the deep of the ocean. So Josan sang out to the depths, and came Selkayi, the second of consorts. There in the temple of the sealord they mated. Selkayi bore Josan the Selk-Dolimay, who bore the visage of seals, yet could walk on the land in the guise of menfolk. Powerful were the Selk, and they bore back the steel which they forged into Tritons and Maille. Their raids were sung by Skalds for eons. Selkayi was not long for the deep, as she too was devoured by the kraken, the demon lord who now sleeps in the deep of the ocean.. So Josan sang to the deeps; and Medrosayi came to him. Josan and Medrosayi mated, and she bore him the Medrosil, the fish with the limbs of men. The Medrosil covered the shallows, and the rivers and lakes with their spawn, and became enticers of men, singing them and their ships to their deaths.

Such as it is today, the three kingdoms. The Kaylimea of the north, the Selk-Dolimya of the west, and the Medrosillia of the south and east.

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