Halflings in the Taer.

“What are we doing today Searle?”
“Same thing as yesterday, Mister Rolo…”
“Do we have to? Can’t we head back to the Kleinmark?”
“No, Mister Rolo, that wizard wanted us to take this ring to Mount Calamity and that’s what I intend to do…” — From the play Serf of the Brings

Halflings migrated into the Taer two millenia ago. Unclaimed by the gods, and scorned by the Elder Races, halflings are spread over the entire Taer, and cannot solely claim one realm as their own. Only the Kleinmark, with its H√Ľndyn rulers is considered an official homeland for Halflings. Their curiosity, love of the good life, and fearlessness curse them to seek work and fortune across the Taer. But as the old halfling proverb goes, “good things come in small packages.”


Scholars debate the exact date in which the halflings entered the Taer. Some argue that they crashed on some sort of magical floating fortress, while others claim they invaded the Taer by magical means. First seen as pests, halflings through their innocence and perseverance have come to be seen as an accepted part of the Taer and its history.

Society, Religion, and Culture


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