adventure slug

The Adventure Slug

{This page is strictly out of game knowledge designed to create a character.}

What it is…

The adventure slug is a one sentence description of a previous adventure you had. It should include the fact that a companion or friend was with you on the adventure.


“When I was a young halfling my friend and I went exploring a cave near our house, in it we discovered a lost dwarven mine.” — Bob who is playing Turk the Halfhearted.

This type of description is great for what will be needed before the campaign starts.

How its used…

On the first game day we will put all of the slugs into a hat The slugs have the player who wrote it, name on it. After a shuffle each player will pull out another character’s slug. They will then become the companion of the character mentioned in the story, and will alter their background to add the story in some fashion.

adventure slug

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