Welcome to the Taer; land of Heroes and Villans.

About the Taer

The Taer is a world that is much like Earth during the middle ages, with fantasy elements such as dwarves, elves and halflings. Its defining features are:
  • The Unified Churches: A polyglot of good aligned faiths that are unified in the The Himmelstuhl (Holy Seat) of Arvetti and the Holy Mother Joan II.
  • The major races: The Taer is comprised of the four major races: Dwarves, the stone-hewers; Elves, the star watchers; Mer, the ocean riders; and Men, the fire bearers.
  • The Secret Societies of the Taer: The equality of magus, the Crimson Believers, and the Night Brokers.
  • The riddles of the Taer: The Kvatch-Takers (aka Hûndyn), the Pastoral Halflings of the Kleinmark, The Man-Mer struggle, and the god Kavash, the undescended.

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About the game system

From the Numenera site: “Numenera gameplay involves a simple d20 roll that determines success or failure for any kind of action. To avoid a lot of cumbersome math at the game table, there aren’t a lot of modifiers to this roll. Instead, skills and other assets reduce the difficulty of a task. More importantly, players can choose tasks to focus upon, using a limited resource called effort to further lower the difficulty of the actions really important to them.”

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The Taer

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